Woopen ~ Fresh Salad. Sandwich. Coffee. 木盆輕食館- 新鮮沙拉‧美式潛艇堡

More often than not, I find that salads are insanely overpriced or overpriced and tasteless. Woopen is one of the few places in Kaohsiung that I can go to regularly for salads. It won't wow you by any means, but it's a far cry from the bowl of iceberg lettuce floating in a watery dressing you'll find in most places. 

Apple & Cranberry Juice 
Italian Tomato & Vegetable Soup

They also have a daily soups served stylishly in a coffee mug. The salads are huge. I recommend trying one with a Caesar dressing. 

Chicken Salad

I'm not one to get a set, but I'm totally for the one here, pay 80nt more for soup and a drink. The juice mixes haven't disappointed yet.  

Wooopen has two locations for your convenience. Find them on Facebook here

Woopen - Cultural Center (木盆輕食館- 文化中心門市)
No. 8-4 Qingnian 1st Road, Lingya District, Kaohsiung City 802
802 高雄市苓雅區青年一路8-4號
Open: Daily 10:30am -9:00pm
Closed: Last Monday of every month

Woopen - Heti Road (河堤社區門市)
No. 12 Mingzhe Road, Sanmin District, Kaohsiung City 807
807 高雄市三民區明哲路12號
Open: Daily 10:30am -9:00pm
Closed: Last Monday of every month

Happy Eating!



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